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iOS - Oracle

Post by D4vidrim » Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:25 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm a very basic LiveCode Developer for windows apps.
Now I would like to try something on iOS, still very basic.

Do you know if it is possibile (and how) to connect to an Oracle DB through an iOS app?
Can I build it with LiveCode?

The app would be used only in our company, not for public release.

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Re: iOS - Oracle

Post by bogs » Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:26 pm

You said your a dev for windows apps, but didn't mention which Os you are actually developing on. I believe for iOs, you need to be on a mac.

According to the wiki entry (below) :
In order to connect to a OracleDB, you need a commercial (business) version of livecode, because the oracle drivers are proprietary.
However, provided you have all that, to connect to an oracle db regardless of which platform should be no problem, the 'how' you can find here on Max's wiki, you'll find databases down near the bottom. I didn't link directly to the oracle section, because it is worth reading some of the other links as well.

Connecting is just one part of it though, you should also look into the revDatabase commands (dictionary) and such to get a more complete picture of how it all works.

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