Valentina Free Visual DB Tool - MySQL, Postgre, SQLite etc

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Valentina Free Visual DB Tool - MySQL, Postgre, SQLite etc

Post by Lynn » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:24 am

Rather than posting again and again every thing Valentina Studio is updated, I thought it better to create a thread in which I can post updates. Provided that I can re-edit this first post Ill update the most current version info.

Valentina Studio is a powerful database management tool. Originally just for use with Valentina DB ADK, it now supports many databases including MySQL (including MariaDB), PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB. It is available for FREE. There is a paid for version which adds many additional tools, such as SQLDIFF, Report Designer and more. It is also available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

You can also use Valentina Studio with Valentina DB ADK for LiveCode and Valentina Reports ADK for LiveCode, which respectively are externals for adding the Valentina database or Valentina visual reports to your applications. Valentina Reports is a powerful visual reports system that you can embed in your Windows, Linux and Mac OS X apps, and works with many popular databases (all supported by Valentina Studio). Valentina DB is the ultra-fast, modern, columnar database system; other databases claim to be fast, but we seriously mean it - run a copy SQL query against 200,000+ records and you'll get it right away!

Enjoy Valentina Studio - its free!

More information is here -

June 25, 2013: Valentina Studio 5.3 Released
Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
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Re: Valentina Free Visual DB Tool - MySQL, Postgre, SQLite e

Post by teriidb » Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:36 pm

Hi Lynn,
We've used a lot MsAccess in the past and wondering if Valentina Studio/Server could allow us to make a database Driven website ?

- Although many tools out there allow this, many are expensive or too simplie too rough...
They do not offer any frendly End-User Gui, that is to say, any Layout feature that the DB designer could
prepare to create a menu page with buttons other pages for Data Editing, viewing, exporting or printing WITHOUT Showing any of the underhood parts of its Application.
...Yeah, sounds realy like an MSacess online version, I know :D !

So is there a feature in Valentina Studio/server to offer such more Frendly/advanced layout, so that any website users will not face a too technical Layout at first.
It would need to implement all necessary end-user restriction linked to their Security predefined role so not as to mess up with DB sensitive datas.

in other word an online Graphical interface with Login/Logout to their profile and predifine pages of the website,

Eventually if the Server does not allow this, we would consider having dif O.S. desktop versions linking to a hosted Database, but this is obviously much more work ahead...

I thought of posting here rather than opening another Topic
thanks for any knowledge you could share...
Terii :wink:

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