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Postby Saman Sjr. » Fri Sep 25, 2015 3:54 am


revOpenDatabase for MySQL have an useSSL option flag.
If i want to use this feature on my LC desktop application, where i have to put the CA certificate, Client Key and Client Certificate files ?

LC Community 7.0.6 - Windows 7 Pro 32Bit

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Re: MySQL useSSL

Postby rca » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:51 am

Any response to this?
I have the same problem
I have regularly used the normal username/passsword authentication for many months

this is related to the MySQL topic - Configure Secure Connections ... tions.html

My client has given me a client side certificate (a "xx.crt" file) and a key file ("yy.pem")
For using the MySQL Client software (SQLyog), I have to configure on my local machine
for SSL - the "CA Certificate " location
for "Use Authentication" - "Client Key" location, "Client Certificate" location

I tried using
set the sslCertificates to xx -- path to the folder containing the above files
I also tried naming the files individually in "set the sslCertificates to x"

I set the "useSSL" parameter to true in revOpenDatabase
It seems to me that we are talking about "Client side certificate authentication" as well as SSL encryption, so it's not clear to me if they are both supported. or just SSL
i.e. in MySQL section noted above, the option "To require that a client certificate also be specified, create the account using the REQUIRE X509 option. " - does not seem to be supported in LiveCode?
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