Can't get the result of Http request with "tsNetGetSync"

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Can't get the result of Http request with "tsNetGetSync"

Post by cpanda » Sun May 26, 2019 3:25 pm

Hi everyone.
I'm new to LiveCode.
I made a simple program for getting the result of the HTTP request using tsNetGetSync.
But, I can't get the result over this function.

It was good well with LiveCode9.0.3 trial version.
After I purchased a product version, it's not working with that.

Here is my code snippet.

Code: Select all

put "Starting transfer" into field Statusm
   put tsNetGetSync(tURL,tHeaders,tOutHeaders,tResult,tBytes) into tData
catch errorParameter
   answer errorParameter
end try
if tResult is 200 then
   put "Transfer complete" into field Statusm
   put "Transfer failed with server status code:" & tResult into field Statusm
end if
I can catch the following error with the try statement.
"219,19,11,tsNetGetSync 465,19,11"

Hope to get valuable help from anyone.
Thank you.

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Re: Can't get the result of Http request with "tsNetGetSync"

Post by LCMark » Thu May 30, 2019 4:20 pm

@cpanda: What license type did you purchase, and what version are you now running?

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