iOS resetAll equivalent ?

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iOS resetAll equivalent ?

Post by simon.schvartzman » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:48 pm

Hi, I'm facing a frustrating problem that I "suspect" is somehow related with the internet connection.

My standalone iOS App is constantly (24 x 7) uploading/downloading files to/from Dropbox (using Dropbox API V2) and suddenly it stops. Sometimes it runs for days and other times just hours. Since I'm using a 3G connection I have the feeling the problem could be related with a poor connection during the internet transfer. Until now I haven't been able to track exactly the moment when the App stops.

I though about using "resetAll" before and after each transfer but then I realized it doesn't apply for iOS and therefore would like to hear suggestions as what can I do to track/overcome/fix the issue.

Many thanks in advance

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