Using QR-decoding Webservices

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Using QR-decoding Webservices

Post by UKMC » Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:40 pm

Hi altogether,

as there is no support for reading QR-Codes available on android, I browsed around and found some QR-decoding webservices.
One is ZXing (, I did not find an appropriate API), another is goqr (

IMHO, it should be possible to implement the following process (and I thought, it would be quite straight forward :-())

1. Take a picture of the barcode with the camera (or -for development purposes- load one from disk)
2. send a put URL to the webservice or post URL
3. get the result
4. work with it in Livecode

I just tried both ways (but I do not have any experience with these http-get- and -post-activities)

In result, I get no answer back, the script terminates/aborts in the debugger after sending the "post"- or "put url"-message.

Is anybody out there who can bring the above mentioned steps into some lines of Livecode ?

I would be very thankful for the help, I need a solution quite urgently.

Best regards


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Re: Using QR-decoding Webservices

Post by nikos201 » Mon May 29, 2017 4:25 pm

Yes there is.

You can use pic2shop to read barcode and qr.

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