mobile App and web server

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mobile App and web server

Post by vedus » Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:11 pm

I want to start a project with bellow specs with my web server.(Dedicated Server)
On the server side
The comments and the rating will be not displayed on the public.

1:) Photo
A photo uploaded to the server

the users post a comment for a specific photo.

3:) Rate
The user can Rate the photo.(like 1 star to 5)

What i have until now.
My app that have all the info from sqlite file
columns for rating,comment.
One extra column for the picture info.(here is a small problem if is better to make blob or to store the path for the photo?)
My question is better to do with LC Server? (first time i will use it) Or can be done more simple ?
Can anyone provide some info where i start and how?

Thank you

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Re: mobile App and web server

Post by jihem » Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:33 pm

> if is better to make blob or to store the path for the photo?

If you use Apache and LC Server, the performance would be better if you store the path of the file. Apache is very good to serve static contents (cache, http keep alive,...).
You will have to create folders and subfolders because OS don’t like to have too much files in the same directory (123456789.jpg can be stored in …/123/456/123456789.jpg).

Using blob is very useful to store everything (pictures and data) in the database (MySQL or PostgreSQL strongly recommended for server).
So you can protect the access to your data: LC Server will manage each loading.

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