App Updater helper for Levure

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App Updater helper for Levure

Post by trevordevore » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:44 pm


I've been working on the App Updater helper for Levure. The goal is to make automatic updating of Levure applications really straightforward. The helper leverages Sparkle on macOS and WinSparkle on Windows (the two desktop platforms I develop for). I used the Foreign Function Interface (FFI) in LiveCode Builder (LCB) to incorporate Sparkle and WinSparkle.

Here are the relevant links. The README has all of the instructions. The release page has the downloadable files. I would be interested in hearing from anybody who tries to implement this in their own application.

Project: ... pp_updater

Release page: ... r/releases


What is a Levure helper?

For those who might want to incorporate Sparkle or WinSparkle in their app but don't use Levure here are links to the individual GitHub repos:


Trevor DeVore
ScreenSteps -

Levure Application Framework:
LiveCode Resources for Developers:

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