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EDU Grant Opportunity, Pittsburgh, Remake Learning N@

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:19 am
by Rauterkus
Thanks Richard, Claire and others for your attention, discussions and help in planning and submission for a grant opportunity in Pittsburgh. I think we have a project that has great merit for my city, plus the overall educational mission of LiveCode in the USA.

A nonprofit org, Sprout Fund dot org, has a Playlist and Pathways RFP. (Links not permitted on this forum from me, BTW.) It pays $40,000.
History: In 2015, we got $6,000 from The Spout Fund with three different mini-projects. We now have 50 ANDROID 7-inch tablets. Then it was called City of Learning. We did "Digital Badges" on a system that is now off-line.

One proposed outcome, should we get the grant, would be the hosting of a GLOBAL, National, or Regional LiveCode in Education event in Pittsburgh in summer 2017. How about a Tech Summit with LifeCode and Sports? Virtual Science Fair? Perhaps we join with CMU or local schools?

This new grant is happening in conjunction with an org called LRNG. Google it. Five or six organizational teams are to be awarded the grant this spring. It starts with kids, ages 13+, in fall and goes throughout the school year.

My raw plan is to partner with Pittsburgh Public Schools ATHLETICS. I am a swim coach. We'll support 400 kids, starting first with high school athletes. Wave 1 is more about playing well with others in various spaces and games around town with different sportsmanship themes. Play!

Wave 2 is TECH. We give each of the student athletes aprox $100 of value. (400 x $100 = $40,000) After an introduction / orientation / opening class, each student athlete gets a Raspberry Pi loaded with LiveCode. That is a TECH WAVE and is the 2nd wave, but most appealing to this forum. Tech literacy matters. We want to get the kids working on projects and apps for their smart phones on things that they care greatly about, their sports activities and extra school events: Player bio, statistics, playbooks, exercise routines, personal journals, record books / record keeping, line-ups, drills, skills, scouting, recruiting, etc., etc. Eventually resumes, goal setting, networking, being with mentors, being a mentor, college applications, reflective writing, etc.

We can leverage the digital badges in fun ways around town. Kids can opt in and follow our events and a pathway to engagement and extra learning. LRNG.

Wave 3 is about Jobs / Career / Development (Goal Setting). More digital badges.

So, I've posted a couple of sticking points in other threads. Digital badges, early A-B-Cs, Need for Pi. I've got a few weeks yet to line up the other local partners.

Reactions welcomed.

Mark Rauterkus
412-298-3432 = cell

Re: EDU Grant Opportunity, Pittsburgh, Remake Learning N@

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:54 am
by FourthWorld
How are your digital badges managed?

Re: EDU Grant Opportunity, Pittsburgh, Remake Learning N@

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:05 pm
by Rauterkus
The management of the digital badges is going to be through a new site, not yet open,

There is a beta tutorial / tour I saw this week on the web. Boring stuff.

Various ADMIN and SUPER USERS can manage the badge creation, the events, the network. Then when a USER (student) earns a digital badge, the ADMIN can log on and give that badge to that student. Generally there are some type of EVIDENCE of the effort too with a click through link that goes to that student's portfolio.

Perhaps it is a lot like ONE PERSON giving another person a LinkedIn reference. But, the topics are per-determined. There are a few more steps.

There are some open badge systems out there. Mozilla started doing digital badges 5+ years ago. Even with this FORUM there is a badge thing in place, sorta. I shows that I gave to the Kickstarter campaign next to these postings.

Some badges can be fully automatic and awarded in a virtual way. Post a tutorial. Assign a test. User passes the test and gets a badge.

A calendar with various activities and organizations are part of the eco system too. Then folks who do one badge can find out activities to do next, either in person or on their own. ... -learning/