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PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:51 am
by Rauterkus
LiveCode & Digital Badges. Can we make some Digital Badges? I know I need them.

Possible: Start with "Hello World" I guess. Have it work on different platforms.

Perhaps we have a LiveCode Tire Kicking Badge where a user gets a list of 10 or 20 Made with LiveCode Apps. The users gets to test drive them and experience for themselves what can be done?

How about a digital badge for completing a course about programming in LiveCode? What ones? Do you think the e-book course is a valid choice? Can Digital Badges be inserted into the end step for certain courses that are already proven, crafted and successful?

Perhaps there can be some type of digital badge for LiveCode for interactive MENTORING steps. Join a user list. Ask a question. Interview a computer programmer. Talk to a business that has a custom app.

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:40 pm
by FourthWorld
I've taking the liberty of flagging this thread as a "Project", as it's both necessary and actionable, and has a team leader (see the thread on "NOW and NEXT" for details on Project status).

Mark Rauterkus outlined the rationale and use case in the OP, and assuming he's in a position to help steward this I may be able to contribute some code to this along with others to see it through.

We have some outstanding questions, and perhaps Mark can provide guidance:

For the immediate use case of the grant proposal in question, are we required to use standardized external tools or can be roll out own as long as they meet the goals outlined for such systems?

Would these be specific to display on web pages, or will we need these displayed in stacks as well?

If the latter there are many options, but before I indulge in pondering them let's get these basics understood first and we can plan based around those needs.

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:26 pm
by Rauterkus
The DIGITAL BADGES would need to be a .PNG art (not hard). These are just the eye candy / tokens. Good design always welcomed. Moreover, the bigger challenge. We'd have to think the Digital Badges for LiveCode through in terms of important milestones WORTHY for the bestowing of DIGITAL BADGEs to people / youngsters.

Of course the Digital Badges could be earned in a virtual setting, or else in person, say after a test or after a demo with a teacher.

We WOULD want the LiveCode Digital Badges to show up within the smorgasbord of other digital badges given by countless other organization.

As part of the grant, I'll work to "hand hold" with the infrastructure of ENROLLING the PARTICIPANTS, DESCRIBING the Digital Badges, setting Requirements, BESTOWING the badge to the Individuals, etc. I think this is going to work like a big WordPress blog. Each person has a mini-badge home page. The Admin folks can plug a Badge to individuals. It would be cool if we could do some of this in an automated way. An email autoresponder or something could be triggered to make it easier on the back-end. As this unfolds, we can EXPAND the number and type of digital badges offered and even expand the number of volunteers from the LiveCode community who might like to play an ADMIN role, much like a Digital Badge CLERK.

Example: Heck, TEN THUMBS TYPING might even be a good DIGITAL BADGE for kids. Is that still around? Prove you can do 20,30 or 40 words a minutes -- passing that test after the drills, then a message gets sent to BESTOW the TEN THUMBS TYPING digital badge to Jane Doe.

Ideas for LiveCode Digital Badges could include:

.... (pending)

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:34 pm
by FourthWorld
We can explore the implementation details shortly - thanks for the background on that.

Here we have an early-stage set of decisions to make:
Rauterkus wrote:We'd have to think the Digital Badges for LiveCode through in terms of important milestones WORTHY for the bestowing of DIGITAL BADGEs to people / youngsters.
One of the key points I keep hearing from educators is that we need to adhere to the standards to get acceptance. So I'm wondering where we can find an outline of those standards. Does the recent $4b allocation from the White House include a list of learning requirements? Are we instead looking at the intersection state standards? It would of course be simpler to target a single national standard if possible.

My hunch here is that once we find the standards we're looking to meet. since we all know LC so well it'll be relatively easy to craft a scope and sequence with specific milestones, useful for many things but chiefly here for defining badges.

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:20 pm
by FourthWorld
I just turned up these two documents which may be helpful for identifying national standards, but I could use some guidance from professional teachers here to ensure these are current and relevant:

CTSA Guidelines ... 12_CSS.pdf


Mapping to Common Core ... rdsNew.pdf

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:09 pm
by Rauterkus
LiveCode does it all. Meanwhile, digital badges and coursework must slice and dice. We need steps, pathways and playlists so as to teach and lead the students.

Perhaps the distinctions stages are:

Stage 0: Start-up, Newbie.
--> Stage 1: Competency.
----> Stage 2: Literacy.
------> Stage 3: Fluency.
--------> Stage 4: Brilliancy.

Stage 0: Some early steps assume little and focus on the simple stuff and exploration. That can include hardware awareness, playing different games, using different apps and software to find out what is possible. Know how to read, search and write to a wiki page, post on a blog, etc. Communication and collaboration ethos should begin. Web behavior. What not to do on line. Reporting problems. Code of conduct. Playing well with others. Problem solving in a team. Crowd-source and community efforts. Reading a tech magazine.

LiveCode Literacy and Fluency. Fluency is more comprehensive than literacy. Whereas LiveCode literacy is the capability to use today’s technology in one’s own field, the notion of LiveCode fluency adds the capability to independently learn and use new technology as it evolves throughout one’s professional lifetime.

Moreover, IT fluency also includes the active use of computational thinking (including programming) to solve problems, whereas IT literacy does not.

Computational thinking is an approach to solving problems in a way that can be implemented with a computer. It involves the use of concepts, such as abstraction, recursion, and iteration, to process and analyze data, and to create real and virtual artifacts.

+ +
In terms of LiveCode, doing a "Hello World" app (on various platforms, perhaps) might be half-time for a LiveCode Tech Literacy pathway.
+ +
Each stage could take up to a year to complete. Zooming ahead is allowed.
+ +
Some community aspects (hack-a-thons, code/podcamps, crowd source, project teams, 48-hour film challenges, neighborhood and school presentations, toastmasters) should be in the mix too. Are there levels, stages? How do they get put onto the string of pearls?

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:24 pm
by Rauterkus
Tiny update: Sent out a letter to our various, potential partners, mostly local, concerning the grant application I'm working on in Pittsburgh.

It is posted to my wiki: ... RFP/call_1

There were just a couple of twits for the call to But, the hard, cold fact is I'm seeking a letter of support from Scotland to go along with my grant application.

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:52 am
by Rauterkus
Progress is happening.

Grant deadline in 40 hours.

And a summary with pointers to letters of support from Scotland and Max: ... -cloh-org/


Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:51 am
by Rauterkus ... -cloh-org/

Grant deadline passed and our application went in.

Now to think some more.

Re: PROJECT: Pluggers: The need for digital badges

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:12 am
by Rauterkus
Hi All,

Now that this Pittsburgh grant application has been sent in for possible funding, it is time to share what is cooking with the LC community so that it can be refined and retooled, and hopefully, built.

The overall program is part of LRNG, Experiences, called XPs, build up to make a digital badge. The sports stuff is in there to make connections to the kids and give purpose and possible scale.

* XP/LiveCode Explorer
* XP/LiveCode Hello World
* XP/LiveCode Mentee
* XP/Raspberry Pi 3 Newbie

* XP/LiveCode Animation
* XP/LiveCode HTML5
* XP/Partner Coding
* XP/Github
* XP/Open Source Sports
* XP/LiveCode Playbooks

* XP/LiveCode Widgets
* XP/LiveCode Cloud Computing
* XP/LiveCode Mentor

* Proposed for 2017

* Proposed for 2018

So, what is missing? These are just a plan and placeholders that need resources. Feedback welcomed here, or on the wiki pages.


Mark Rauterkus