aStackName.rev changes to astackname.rev

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aStackName.rev changes to astackname.rev

Post by AxWald » Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:59 pm


title says all. "aStackName.rev" changes its name to "astackname.rev" when saving. Not every time, but quite often. Not all stacks, but quite many. Not reliable, not reproducible.

Checking the stack with an editor shows only correct "capitalisazion" in the file. Stackname etc. are all correct. Just the filename changes. Sometimes.

Other files on my Win 10-64 don't do this. So it's not windows.
It's LC 6.7.10, but I'm rather sure to have it seen with newer versions too.

What to do? It drives me crazy - especially since my stacks often live on a unix ftp server that is case sensitive. So if I'm not very cautious, I have both "aStackName.rev" and "astackname.rev" there, and the Standalones out there that try to load one of these get dizzy, too.

Anybody has an idea what this could be? Doing the "delete prefs file" voodoo again?

Have fun!
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