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This card and the card of a behavior btn: different?

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 2:46 pm
by trevix
I have a behavior btn (in a substack named "lib_CodeNavigation") that, in the same script in two adjacent lines, reports two different cards/stacks for a control (without setting any default stack)

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line 1: put the long name of me into tLongControl
line 2: put the long name of this card into tLongCard
the returned values are:

tLongControl = button "FR__DeveloperSave" of group "FR_FormSave" of group "FR_FormDeveloper" of group "FR_grpForm" of card "Form Start" of stack "/Users/trevix/Library/Application Support/Flow Reminder/Templates/Temp prova 2.frdtemp"

tLongCard = card "iPad_Flow" of stack "/Users/trevix/Documents/AAA_LavoriInCorso/LIVE CODE Applicazioni Sviluppo/App Mobile/Flow Reminder/FlowReminder DEVELOP/FR_182_13mag16/FRmain.livecode".

Is this possible?