Recording video from webcam

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Re: Recording video from webcam

Post by cborn » Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:31 pm

Thanks, Bernd. I'll be following that bug.

Interestingly, the preview does work in Video for Windows. I took the Video Capture demo stack and turned it into a revlet. The preview works, though it's positioned in the upper left of the screen (relative to screen coordinates rather than revlet window coordinates?). That certainly is not a show-stopper, though.

It's a big bummer for our project that QT doesn't work all that well on Windows. It's going to be a lot more complicated to handle the different file types.

Martin Koob
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Re: Recording video from webcam

Post by Martin Koob » Sun May 16, 2010 2:41 am


I use revvideograbber in a desktop application and am planning to move it to the web eventually.
There are some peculiarities with revvideograbber that need some attention.

One with the preview not working in the revlet I think this may be an issue with how revlets are limited to only showing the main stack and not substacks. On the desktop the videograbber window floats above other substacks and palettes, you attach it to a stack but if you drag a substack 'over' that stack it comes between the stack and the preview window. My guess is that the preview window is not allowed to be shown as a revlet. I will add votes to the bug that you posted on this.

Regarding the coordinates used. The dictionary say to use screen co-ordinates but on Mac OS X you need to use stack window co-ordinates. It is interesting to note that on Windows it behaves differently.

The other peculiar thing I noticed was that in the revlet when you call the revvideograbdialog command the window the dialog does appear but it appears under the browswer. This happened on one of the earlier versions of revlets before they took away the option to show substacks. I will see if this bug is reported and post that as well.

Martin Koob

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