Converting SVG to PNG using a Browser Widget

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Converting SVG to PNG using a Browser Widget

Post by capellan » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:01 am

Hi All,

Previously, I posted this stack in another subforum of this website but in Rich Media subforum is easier to find. :)

Download this utility stack where a svg file is converted into a png image, this image is copied automatically from the Widget Browser and pasted within the stack into a new png image. Although this stack requires LiveCode 8.1.3 or later, probably this code works fine (with small modifications) in previous versions of altBrowser, and RevBrowser. More detailed tests are required.

In next versions, I will include an interface for applying scaling, clipping, grouping, svg filters, svg transforms, etc... to imported svg.

Many thanks again to Peter Brett and Jonathan Lynch for posting their stacks and demonstrate how to pass data from the Browser Widget to Livecode.

Download here this compressed stack:
Compressed stack
(7.58 KiB) Downloaded 119 times

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