cameracontrol - image rotation & placement

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cameracontrol - image rotation & placement

Post by rjenkinsgb » Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:12 pm

I'm experimenting with the new cameracontrol in an ipad app in landscape mode.

I have a rectangle on screen as the viewfinder image plus an image to receive the photo when taken. At the moment they are both 400 wide by 300 high as a convenience.

Two problems:
The preview image is the wrong way round - it's appearing as a rotated vertical stripe in the middle of the viewfinder rectangle.

When the photo is taken, rather than fitting the target image it overwrites the left two thirds of the screen - and still rotated 90'

How do you set the camera rotation to match the device orientation?
And, how do you set the image resolution / scale to show the captured image in s smallish preview? - i don't want a low res thumbnail, but I don't want the device maximum either; something like 1024 wide for would be fine

[Livecode 8.0.2 rc2]


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