Disabled menu items on Windows

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Disabled menu items on Windows

Post by 6Zayyn » Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:51 pm

Hi everyone!
Actually I am experiencing an issue with RC in both Indy and CE. When I use a left parenthesis, the items in the drop down button are not disabled in Win10 and Win7 (the only versions I checked and it was using 2 different machines). Instead of being "greyed out" they display with the leading parenthesis. This appears to me to be a bug but perhaps my test sample
is too small. When I run the stack on my mac, the items are greyed out fine. So any thoughts about this?
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Re: Disabled menu items on Windows

Post by FourthWorld » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:09 pm

I took the liberty of changing the subject line from "Discussion", since every discussion here is a discussion, but this one is about a specific topic, and one which may interest others once we let them to know what it is. ;)

What you describe is indeed an inconsistency across platforms, but not a bug per se. As implemented, LC follows the Human Interface Guidelines for Windows, and the APIs Windows provides to support their HIG, in which they do not support having disabled menu items in option controls, recommending instead to remove items not relevant to the current context.

See Comment #11 in this bug report for details:

This assumes that you're talking about option controls, not drop-down menus. Drop-downs, such as we see in the menu bar, should indeed support disabled items. I've not see that fail, but if you truly meant drop-down menus please provide a sample stack and if I can reproduce it here I'll file a bug report for you.
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